How It Works – The Green River Cabins Sales Order Process

Once you’re fully committed and comfortable with GRLC as your log cabin builder we urge you to reserve your production slot (build date). Our plant is normally backlogged so reserving your cabin’s build date is an important step in the planning process.

At the time of your order, we will provide an approximate time frame for completion (we do not guarantee build dates or delivery dates but try our best to maintain our production schedule). To reserve your build date, we require a $2,000.00 deposit; this goes towards the purchase of your cabin and it’s fully refundable for 30 days from your initial order. After 30 days $1500.00 is refundable.

In the event of customer cancellation: If a customer cancels 120 days prior to starting the cabin, the deposit is forfeited. If the customer pays their build date deposit with a credit card and then cancels their contract, a $75 fee will be assessed to cover costs incurred with credit card processing. In the unlikelihood that the purchaser cannot complete the purchase, GRLC will refund all but $5,000.00 to the purchaser after the cabin is resold.

Once your build slot is reserved, we ask that you pick out your options and sign the build sheet/orientation sheet. This sign-off needs to occur at least one hundred and twenty (120) days before your build date. Any changes after the sign off will incur a $300.00 change order fee + the cost of the change order. If your cabin is signed-off, there may be an opportunity to move your production date up or down. If the opportunity presents itself, GRLC will call whoever is next in line. Your GRLC Sales Professional will give each customer the opportunity to move up until we find a willing party. *You must have your build sheet finalized and funds available to qualify*. You also may delay or “move back” on the production schedule if you run into unforeseen problems.

PAYMENT TERMS: 1/2 the balance is due 120 days prior to your build date. The balance is due upon completion.

Once the cabin is paid, we will schedule shipping. If you are unsure about your site, please ask the Sales Department to schedule a site visit. Access to the site is the purchaser’s responsibility. If you don’t request a site visit and the driver cannot access the site, GRLC and/or drivers can make recommendations and provide cost to complete delivery. We do not guarantee delivery dates due to the weather. If the site is wet or soft due to recent grading, any cost incurred due to the difficulty of delivery will be the owner’s responsibility.