1. How do I place an order?   Answer: Place a $2000.00 deposit down and we will assign you a build date. The deposit is fully refundable for (30) days. After 30 days only $1500.00 is refundable up until 120 days prior to build date.
  2. What kind of cabins do you build? Answer: We build custom log cabins or cottages built on one platform- Park Model RV’s (limited to 400 sq. ft., not including porches or a loft, and are classified as personal property).
  3. Can you live in a park model full-time? Answer: No, Park Models are designed for seasonal living only. Some Tiny Home communities or RV parks do allow it.
  4. Do you build Tiny Homes? Answer:  There is no such classification, locally or federally.  Most Tiny Homes are built onto a Park Model or Modular platform.
  5.  How large are your cabins? Answer: Park Models are limited to 400 sq. ft.
  6. How long does it take?  Answer: It normally takes about 3 weeks to build. With current material delays/shortages, it can take 10-12 weeks to complete.
  7. Can I look at Models or take a plant tour?  Answer: Yes, our Sales office is one of our Park Model RV’s  (Top Line 1-30). Please call to schedule an appointment.
  8. Can I obtain financing?  Answer: Yes, Park Models are RV loans or Personal loans. * We have partners to help you with the financing.
  9. Do you have inventory to sell?  Answer:  Yes, Please check our website for a list of available park model homes.
  10.  What States do you build for? Answer: Anywhere in the USA. We deliver all over the contiguous US.
  11. Can you Customize? Answer: Most plans have lots of available options that are built-in to the floor-plan but we do not customize/change our floor-plans such as moving walls or fixtures.
  12. What is the warranty? Answer: (1) year manufacturers warranty + 3rd party warranties for each component of the cabin.
  13. Are delivery and set-up included in the price? Answer: No. Costs are very affordable and can be quoted upfront. Please call with your zip code and we will be happy to quote for you.
  14. Can you put Park Models on a permanent foundation? Answer: Park Models are personal property and are set-up similar to a mobile home.
  15. If I’m working with a Dealer, can I buy directly from you? Answer:  NO, you must complete the sale through your dealer, you will not get a better price by bypassing the dealer.
  16. Are your cabins good for Rentals? Answer: Yes. When this company was formed, we sold exclusively to campgrounds, rental companies, and developers. There are tax incentives that are associated with the Park Model RVs that help the cabin pay for itself in approx. two (2) years.
  17. Do you do site work? Answer: No, we do not do any site work.  GRLC can offer Block, Level & Anchor services that are contracted through one of our delivery companies.
  18. What comes with your cabins?  Answer: Everything! I.E.- appliances, HVAC, cabinets, water heaters, etc.
  19. What is the insulation factor? Answer: Our Park Model RV’s are extremely efficient, easy to heat and cool, with solid log inside and out as well as ceiling, floors, and windows that are insulated as well. Insulation that is in the roof system and underneath is R19.