Green River Log Cabins will manufacture your cabin per the design specifications.

Remember, we are not a General Contractor.  Any required building permits, site work, septic, well or municipal water hookup, electric and any other utilities are the responsibility of the cabin purchaser.  Since every county is different, we suggest contacting a General Contractor (GC) in your area or the Building Inspection Department of your local county to find out any requirements for your site.  Should you decide to hire a General  Contractor, they will be able to give you a more accurate estimate as well as take care of these issues for you.

Often, our buyers are preparing their site while waiting for their cabin to be built.  Included in your CAD drawings are drop locations, etc. These documents will help you install utilities and hookups in the best locations.

For your convenience, we have gathered a list of informative website links to help you with estimating your on-site costs and responsibilities.  The costs listed in these links are for estimating purposes only.  (GRC is not affiliated with any of these links).

Well Installation

Sewer Hookup Information Guide

Septic Hookup Information Guide