• Our desire to please the customer exceeds our interest in profit.
  • Our log cabins are manufacturer direct. Why pay the middle man when you can enjoy a long lasting building relationship directly with the manufacturer.
  • Our log cabins are extremely energy efficient and are the tightest, least expensive log cabin to own, heat and cool.
  • Our log cabins are extremely well made to surprising tolerances.
  • Our log cabins offer so much flexibility in customizations. We are not limited to just a few floor plans or a standard set of plans or a standard set of options.
  • Our log cabins use materials that have been perfected and improved in ways that are unseen in the trade.
  • Our logs come from Certified Sustainable Forests, A National Park Service Standard that is hard to come by.

Techniques used to ensure a Limited Environmental Impact:

  • Chemical Sensitivity
  • EPA Compliant Water Based Stains
  • Logs from US Forest Service Certified Sustainable Forests
  • Extremely efficient “Space Blanket” insulation
  • Highly efficient heating and cooling

Superior Craftsmanship:

We take special care in our craftsmanship to ensure our cabins pass the endurance of time, this has three added benefits:

  • Very limited impact on your site
  • Lean manufacturing techniques reduce waste during construction
  • Cabin’s long life reduces maintenance and replacement of components such as windows, doors, and roof.

Operating Costs and Energy Usage:

  • Tightly Built
  • Radiant Roof Pane
  • Radiant Insulation
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Low Energy Florescent Bulbs