Green River Log Cabins & Green River Cottages are proud to announce the new Resort Series!

The new Resort Series has been specifically redesigned to help park owners get the most return on their investment into Park Models.

The Resort Series can be ordered and built as Log Cabins or as Cottages, and are based on our original floor plans that can be seen by clicking here. We took those designs and modified them to help increase the profitability for park owners by offering a more practical park model for short-term rentals at a lower price.

As we develop detailed drawings of these modifications they will be available in the photo gallery of this page. Below you can find details and pricing that are already available. If you would like more information or to place an order, please call the sale office @ (864) 457-2444, ext 1005 or send an email to: [email protected]


Is there a minimum order?  Yes, a minimum order of 3 units is required for the Resort Series with the exception of the Guest House which is a minimum of 5.

Can the Resort Series have additions & upgrades? Yes, most upgrades can be done in the Resort Series but it will have some limitations.

Is this only available to campground & RV park owners? No! Anyone can order the Resort Series with a minimum of 3 units.

What is the price?:

TopLine (now includes 10′ porch): $65,347.80

Riverview (now includes 10′ porch & bunk beds): $69,002.80

Bluechip: $65,163.64

Wheelchair Accessible: $70,065.87

Guest House: $51,620.76  *minimum order of 5

Stay tuned for more details to be added to this page and feel free to contact us with any questions!